My First-Time Homeschooling

Because my son Tangtang was scratched in the kindergarten, and the toys were robbed and damaged also. I didn’t send Tangtang to kindergarten again. At that time, he was 4 years old. I decided to try homeschooling.

Currently, homeschooling in China is still very rare. When people heard that I want to educate my son by myself, everyone is particularly surprised and worried. They have the same question, how to deal with the child’s collective life? I want to say that in the big cities of China, there are countless training courses and various clubs for children. As long as you attend these training courses and clubs, your child has many opportunities to learn and play with other children.

I read many articles about the homeschooling, they have strengthened my confidence, and I decided to try this kind of education.

I arranged the basement as a homeschool room. This is our first homeschool room.

Tangtang is also involved in the room arrangement.

Thanks for dad’s support, we love you!

Most of the teaching materials are made by myself, and my son likes them very much. I will share these teaching materials and methods in future posts. If you are interested, please feel free to follow me at steemit.

Tangtang learned things faster at homeschooling, but I didn’t spend too much time teaching him more knowledge. I want him to have more time to explore the world himself.

Because of the air pollution problem in the city, we moved to the suburbs of the city. Now, Tangtang is 6 years old, recently we are busy setting up our second homeschool room to accommodate the next phase of study life.

We love homeschooling.

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